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  1. On the site with all the document, click on Begin immediately along with complete for the editor.
  2. Use your indications to submit established track record areas.
  3. Add your own info and speak to data.
  4. Make sure that you enter correct details and numbers throughout suitable areas.
  5. Very carefully confirm the content of the form as well as grammar along with punctuational.
  6. Navigate to Support area when you have questions or perhaps handle our Assistance team.
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  9. Deliver the particular prepared document by way of electronic mail or facsimile, art print it out or perhaps reduce the gadget.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Florida unemployment faq

Instructions and Help about Florida unemployment faq

After five months of good news our local unemployment numbers are out and they're moving in the wrong direction so is it a bump in the road or a sign of a jobs roadblock newsChannel 5's Ashley Walters takes us to the unemployment line he carries it with him everywhere that's my baby the faces of his three children in his cell phone my pride and joy oh yes indeed but for the last couple of years Aristophanes Contreras has also been carrying a weight on his shoulders extremely hard the burden of providing for his family without a full-time job anything I mean anything I have a bachelor's degree in business administration I have a cam license committed association license you know and I can paint I can do electrical I can do carpet I can do tiles I can do anything and he has along with coming to the workforce alliance center to find a job he wants he's not alone the unemployment rate in Palm Beach County reached eleven percent last month up a percentage point from May there are similar stories in surrounding areas where numbers have hiccups well well I will not call it odd jobs i will call it survival jobs for surviving while there are more people looking for work the good news is there are ten percent more job openings than this time last year so some are historically is a time when unemployment rises a little bit because there isn't so much travel and tourism in the area tomm veenstra with workforce alliance says the wrong turn in numbers could mean seasonal jobs but some good news open jobs and tourism and travel are up it shows people are so traveling more they're spending money in restaurants and that type of thing even though it isn't the winter seasons as for Contreras hope that he'll soon carry a new listing on his resume in West Palm Beach Ashley Walters WPTV newsChannel 5.


Why does Kickstarter not allow creators to fill out the products FAQ section before the project goes live?
I presume that Kickstarter are taking the concept of 'Frequently Asked Questions' (FAQ) to heart - if the questions aren't frequently asked yet (and how can they be, if you haven't yet launched the Kickstarter campaign?) then you can't fill them out before the project starts.Everything else that you want to say (or perhaps 'pre-answer' any expected questions) can go in the Kickstarter project description.
How do you fill out the articles of organization for an LLC in Florida?
Quoting Instructions for Articles of Organization (FL LLC) :FILING ONLINE OR BY MAILThese instructions are for the formation of a Florida Limited Liability Company pursuant to s.605.0201, F.S., and cover the minimum requirements for filing Articles of Organization.Your Articles of Organization may need to include additional items that specifically apply to your situation. The Division of Corporations strongly recommends that legal counsel reviews all documents prior to submission.The Division of Corporations is a ministerial filing agency. We cannot prany legal, accounting, or tax advice.Limited Liability Company NameThe name must be distinguishable on the records of the Department of State.You should do a preliminary search by name before submitting your document.The name must include:Limited Liability Company, LLC or L.L.C., ORChartered, Professional Limited Liability Company, P.L.L.C. or PLLC if forming a professional limited liability company.Do not use or assume the name is approved until you receive a filing acknowledgment from the Division of Corporations.Principal Place of Business AddressThe street address of the LLC’s principal office.Mailing AddressThe LLC’s mailing address, if different from the principal address. (P.O. Box is acceptable.)Registered Agent Name and AddressThe individual or legal entity that will accept service of process on behalf of the business entity is the registered agent.A business entity with an active Florida filing or registration may serve as a registered agent.An entity cannot serve as its own registered agent. However, an individual or principal associated with the business may serve as the registered agent.The registered agent must have a physical street address in Florida. (Do not list a P.O. Box address.)Registered Agent’s SignatureThe registered agent must sign the application.The signature confirms the agent is familiar with and accepts the obligations of s.605.0113(3), F.S.If a business entity is designated as the Agent, a principal (individual) of that entity must sign to accept the obligations.If filing online:The registered agent must type their name in the signature block.Pursuant to s.15.16, F.S., electronic signatures have the same legal effect as original signatures.NOTE: Typing someone’s name/signature without their permission constitutes forgery pursuant to s.831.06, F.S.Limited Liability Company PurposeA Professional Limited Liability Company (which is formed under both Chapter 605 and Chapter 621, F.S.) must enter a single specific professional purpose. Example: the practice of law, accounting services, practicing medicine, etc.Non-professional companies are not required to list a purpose, but may do so.Manager/Authorized RepresentativeThe names and street addresses of the authorized representatives or managers are optional.Manager: a person designated to perform the management functions of a manager-managed limited liability company. Use MGR.Authorized Representative: a person who is authorized to execute and file records with the Division of Corporations. Use AR. See 605.0102(8), F.S., for more information.A Manager or Authorized Representative may be an individual or business entity.Do not list members.NOTE: If you are applying for workers• comp exemption or opening a bank account, Florida’s Division of Workers• Compensation and your financial institution may require this information to be designated in the Department of State’s records.Effective DateAn LLC’s existence begins on the date the Division of Corporations receives and files your Articles unless your Articles of Organization specify an acceptable alternate “effective” date.LLCs can specify an effective date that is no more than five business days prior to, or 90 days after, the date the document is received by our office.If you are forming your LLC between October 1 and December 31st, but don’t expect to transact business until the next calendar year, avoid filing an annual report form for the upcoming calendar year by listing an effective date of January http://1st.By specifying January 1st as the effective date, your LLC’s existence will not officially begin until January 1st of the following calendar year, even though your entity is already on the Division’s records.The January 1st effective date will allow you to postpone your LLC’s requirement to file an annual report form for one calendar year.SignatureMust be signed by at least one person acting as the authorized representative.If filing online: The authorized representative must type their name in the signature block. Electronic signatures have the same legal effect as original signatures.Correspondence Name and EmailPlease pra valid email address.If filing online: The filing acknowledgment and certification (if any) will be emailed to this address.All future email communications will be sent to this address.Keep your email address up to date.Certificate of StatusYou may request a certificate of status.This item is not required.A certificate of status certifies the status and existence of the LLC and verifies the LLC has paid all fees due to this office through a certain date.Fee: $5.00 eachCertified CopyYou may request a certified copy of your Articles of Organization.This item is not required.A certified copy will include a filed stamped copy of your Articles of Organization and will verify that the copy is a true and correct copy of the document in our records.Fee: $30.00 eachAnnual Report NoticeEvery LLC is required to file an annual report to maintain an “active” status in our records.If the limited liability company fails to file the report, it will be administratively dissolved.The filing period for annual reports is January 1st to May 1st of the calendar year following the LLC’s date of filing or, if listed, its effective date.The annual report is not a financial statement.The report is used to confirm or update the entity’s information on our records.
Is it possible to see when a Quora question was asked and who asked it? Is it possible to see when the answers were posted?
On the left [1] hand column, there's a section called "Question Stats". Under that, is a thing called "Latest activity" and a time (or date).Click on the time / date and it will take you to a list of "activity".Scroll to the very end of that (clicking "show more" if needed), and you'll find a line saying:Question added by XXX.The XXX will either be a Quora user (in which case, you're done), or the word "anonymous" (in which case, you're stuffed, and reduced to posted comments on it along the lines of "will the OP please contact me.")However, a really core concept of Quora is that questions do not "belong" to their original authors - they belong to "the community."In some cases, where the question is looking for very situation-specific advice, this doesn't really help... but for an awful lot of questions, the idea is that Quora's mission is better served by making questions and answers more generally applicable to just one person.This is why, for example, anyone can add/remove tags, or change the question or its details.Those new to Quora tend to get negative about this, and say things like "why did you change my question?", or "leave my question alone", without realising that, on Quora at least, asking a question is "giving it away".[1] Answer originally said left, which was a mistake, so I changed it to right... then Quora did another redesign, and it's now really left so I changed it back. Looks like my original answer was just me being ahead of the game :-)
How do I find a CVS pharmacy in Florida to fill a narcotic prescription?
Literally any pharmacy nearby will probably fill your prescription. I hear CVS has some weird new limitations on their narcotic prescriptions, but I’ve yet to confirm the rumors. But I do know that Walgreen’s will fill any valid narcotic prescription, provided you show the tech a valid photo ID. I’d recommend you get to know the pharmacist, the techs, the store manager. When you have a rapport built up with the staff, they’re less likely to see you as shifty.Then again, this is only applicable if you have a valid prescription. If you stole an Rx notepad or tampered with a prescription, you’re gonna have a bad time. Any pharmacist will double-check the information on narcotic prescriptions of anyone they haven’t seen before. Doctor-shopping and prescription forging aren’t worth it today, there are simply too many regulations.But if your prescription is valid and you actually need this medication, just bring the paper prescription with you to any pharmacy in town, and they’ll help you out.
How can I fill in a 5 year unemployment gap on my cv?
IMHO, 5 years is a good amount of time and you should not try to fill in with anything wrong or fake for that matter. Instead, you should be utterly honest about what you did and also explain in a succinct manner why you were un-employed for the specific duration. The reasons could be taking care of family, any mis-hap in your life/family, or anything else for that matter. But, be very honest about it.A simple and straight answer to your question ends up in 2 scenarios:1. In the 5 years, you did something relevant to your professional experience. In this case, clearly mention what you did and how much you learned from it. Don't try to say I did A, B and C when you only did A and B.2. You didn't do anything relevant to your professional work. In this case, as I have said before, simply lay down the reasons why you couldn't do so. If you couldn't land a job, state it clearly and then corroborate the fact with substantial data as to why you couldn't.All in all, don't be afraid of the gap. If you've worked hard and you know your domain well/ have the expertise required for the job, then there's no stopping you from landing into the job. Just be honest :) :)Happy Job-hunting :)
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