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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing florida unemployment tax form

Instructions and Help about florida unemployment tax form

Hello guys this is P from like my tech comm this is for people that are in Florida and they just registered a company in the state of Florida you file everything up and you don't need to send any money extra but you're gonna get a letter probably two days later saying it's coming from Florida certificate services and there's the address these are the scammers looks like official mail and it's telling you Florida certificate sir is telling you that I cover the company name and the address just for privacy purposes but that's going to have your your address on there but basically what they're saying is that you have to send in 61 dollars and 25 cents to them because you need a Florida curve whatever certificate of services and obviously this is a scam I wish I had the time to follow these people and sue them or find a way to stop them so that other people cannot get scammed but I just wanted to make this quick video and put the their name on a YouTube video so that if anybody searches for these people they know that this is a scam do not send any money when you register in Florida you already have the choice for an extra eight dollars to get your certificate by mail or digitally so do not send any money to these scammers and if you're the scammers shame on you guys why are you trying to scam people out of money why don't you just get you know a job or pra service that can help people and not scam people so please do not go for this thank you very much and be careful out there don't get scammed.


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